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Well- first day out!

My Dahon arrived yesterday with some minor problems. I'm new to bicycles but after poking around the world wide netweb I found out that my front wheel needed to be trued. My front brake was totally screwed up and I didn't know what to do about that.

I took it to my campus bike shop, for 25 dollars the kind fellow trued my wheel, fixed my brake, and gave the rest of the bike a tuneup. Money well spent. It rides wonderfully now.

My first trip out was to the local "Steak and Shake". I arrive, fold it up, and quietly walk in holding a big green mess that looks like a Huffy went through some traumatic experience. The employees were eyeing me like I was one of "Americas Most Wanted". The manager approached me, eyeing the bicycle and asked "Do you want a table?" I politley said "Yes, one please!"

Neatly tucked under my booth I enjoyed a sloppy cheeseburger, payed, unfolded my green mess and rode home.

I'm finding it hard to pedal in heavy wind but I guess it's just something I'll get used to.

I've not yet figured out a good way to carry the bike blob. I've decided to go to an army surplus and find some straps so I can carry it on my shoulder... I hope.


I was really looking forward to riding today, but it is SO windy here I was blowing all over just walking. ALso its rainy and looks like a storm... :/

can i say that here!?

Folding bikes!

Hi mate,

Just started my own community entitled 'small bicycles' but I should probably be posting here instead. I picked up an old 'national' folding bike from the op-shop for $20, and despite being a little small for me I love it.

Are you still riding your foldable bike? Does the novelty wear off? I hope not! Anywho, have a squiz over at http://community.livejournal.com/small_bicycles/

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December 2008

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